“Silver Lining” looks into the flip side of pain - how can a limitation become a motor? How can we be present, care for each other, and alleviate pain? 
The past weeks I researched movement, choreography, and intentions with my beautiful team consisting of Lara Szymanski Canaro and Filippo Gualandris during the New Adventures #1 residency of ICK Dans Amsterdam resulting in a work-in-progress trio "Silver Lining".
Artistic direction & Choreography & - Constantin Trommlitz 
Co-Choreography & Dance - Lara Szymanski Canaro & Filippo Gualandris & Constantin Trommlitz 
Dramaturgical advice: Sophie Cohlen 
Coaching: Suzy Blok 
Production: ICK Dans Amsterdam 
Video: Jasper Bruijns 
Edit: Constantin Trommlitz 
Costume advice: Merel van Marken Lichtenberg
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