With his first performance of his own, Constantin challenges himself and his audience in multiple ways. Mind over matter is a highly personal work about the effects of living with obsessive compulsions; what it means for the person suffering from it, but also how numbing and frustrating it can be for their loved ones. How does it feel for them to not be seen, not to be acknowledged? 
Dance inspired by the styles breaking and contemporary meets technology in an exhausting duet of two dancers under the all-seeing eye of a pair of drones.​​​​​​​
Artistic direction - Constantin Trommlitz
Choreography - Constantin Trommlitz in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers - Alicia Anais Fuentes Sifuentes, Emma Hanekroot 
Music - Jorg Schellekens 
Light design - Lisette van der Linden
Artistic coach - Astrid Boons
Technical support - Another Kind of Blue
Costume design - Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt
Photographer campaign image - Neeltje de Vries
Drone system operators - Stefan Bandalac (SBAE) and Valentino Russo
Additional programming - Matthijs Brussaard 
Production - Korzo
Production manager - Gerard Sangrà Navarro 
Marketing - Mitchell-lee van Rooij
Special thanks to David Middendorp
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