“…catcalling, coping, chaos, consequences, chicks before dicks“
In Breakin’ Borders, sixteen young international performers asked themselves what kind of borders they experience in today’s society. From being catcalled, to war and hate that compares to the past, the performers are aiming to overcome those extremities through dance and spoken word resulting in a constant confrontation of individuality and belonging.
Breakin’ Borders is a youth exchange program between The Netherlands and Germany. Two groups of young performers came together to research the topic of borders guided by coaches in dance, spoken word and theater.
Artistic direction                                Miriam Schönauer, Constantin Trommlitz
Co-choreographie & creation         Kathrin Gramelsberger, Sjaan Flikweert, Elten Kiene, Esmée Begemann
Performers                                         Michelle Altmeyer, Lusiana Tesfai, Liya Tsegai, Selina Ghirmay, Lwam Ghebru, Sharina Lindner,                                .                                                         Bellul Tewelde, Winta Tewelde, Hannah Grosse Vorholt, Manuela Nti Brown Lotte van Meuchelen,    ,                                    .                                                         Savannah Aloha, Olin Bikker, Femke Burg, Sharon de Brabander 
Production                                         Fractal Dance Collective & Korzo, Dance in FFM, Fonds Cultuurparticipatie, Fonds Soziokultur
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