A better son / daughter is opposing a mind and a body. In a pessimistic space, those don‘t harmonize but create constant conflict. This leaves the characters, two dancers and a drone, torn between self-acceptance and self-destruction resulting in an unending journey. I am exploring how to reveal the internal as intimate as possible by merging dance and film in unconventional ways.

Artistic direction                              Constantin Trommlitz
Assistant & Coach                          Zahira Suliman
Performers                                      Alicia Anais Fuentes Si Fuentes, Emma Hannekroot
Costume designer                          Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt
 Light Design                                  Sanne Rosbag
Support Scenography                  Marieke Sluijmer
Projection Mapping                      Emile Steginga

Production                                     Korzo
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